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Please read the following terms & conditions carefully:

The Services are provided by GRACIOUS VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS (PTY) LTD, a reseller with limited liability having its primary place of business at Beryl Ridge Estate, 20 Nimmersat Street, Stonehenge, Mbombela, 1201. ( trading as ”DINGES TECH”).

Our Services are diverse and dynamic. Occasionally our terms or product specifications may change. Dinges Tech endeavours to notify you of any material changes, and its latest terms will always be available at https://dingestech.co.za/terms-conditions together with the effective date of those terms whether you were notified or not. We oblige you to check our site regularly. Any use by you of our Services after the effective date of our latest terms, will be deemed to constitute acceptance by you of such terms.

Each Service Order accepted in accordance with this Agreement forms an individual agreement that incorporates these General and Service Terms and establishes the terms and conditions under which we will provide those Services to you.

In this Agreement, the following words and phrases will have the corresponding meaning, unless the context otherwise requires:

  • Agreement: as between you and Dinges Tech, these General & Service Terms read together with any terms as stated in the Application and any Service Order.
  • Authority and Mandate: The authorisation you give to Dinges Tech to debit your account monthly, on the selected date, which does not constitute the granting of credit or amount to a credit agreement.
  • Application: the online application form accessed on the Dinges Tech website where you fill-in the required information to order your Product, which when accepted by Dinges Tech becomes a binding Service Order.
  • Billing Start Date: the Billing Start Date for a Service will be from when the fibre/lte provider hands over fibre/lte services and your internet is active.
  • Business Day: every day excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in RSA. Charges: the following charges and any other charges or fees payable by you to Dinges Tech in respect of a Service, as set out or referred to in a Service Order and revised from time to time.
  • Call Charges: the charges for packet switched telecommunications services; Once-Off Charges include but are not limited to installation, connection and/or activation charges and are non-recurring charges for the setup of a Service (including installation of any Service Equipment);
  • Monthly Fee: monthly recurring charges for a Service.
  • Contended: multiple users sharing the same network capacity. Contention ratios are based on the individual design of the fibre access network over which the Dinges Tech service is delivered.
  • Customer Data: technical data (for example the date, time and duration of voice or data transmissions) that is necessary for the establishment, billing or maintenance of the transmission. Regulated Customer Data is that Customer Data of which the use, processing or transfer is regulated by law or regulation as personal data.
  • Customer Site or Site: a physical location at which a Service is provided.
  • Domicile: the physical address you provide in terms of a proof of address, alternatively per your application form or Authority and Mandate, where you will receive any legal notice.
  • Effective Date: in relation to a Service, the date upon which Dinges Tech accepts your correctly completed Application, together with any required documentation, which upon acceptance becomes a Service Order and you receive an e-mail to this effect.
  • Emergency Works: works that are necessary at the time to put an end to, or prevent, the arising of imminent or existing circumstances likely to cause: (i) danger to persons or property; (ii) the interruption of any service provided by the Network or the network generated by a third party; (iii) substantial loss to Dinges Tech or any third party; and such other works in those circumstances necessary to execute Emergency Works.
  • Force Majeure Event: any cause beyond a Party’s reasonable control affecting the performance of its obligations, including, but not limited to, fire, flood, explosion, accident, war, acts of terrorism, power outages, strike, industrial disputes, embargo, governmental requirement, civil or military authority, Act of God, changes to laws or regulations, inability to secure materials or services, and acts or omissions of other providers of telecommunications services.
  • Dinges Tech Forms: which can be found on our website www.dingestech.co.za, where you check the availability of the Provider service in your particular location before ordering any Product. Dinges Tech can make no warranty as to the accuracy of this resource provided by the Provider.
  • Network: the points of presence, network hubs and host computers owned, operated or used by Dinges Tech in connection with the provision of a Service.
  • Party: Dinges Tech or you (per the context), and Parties means both you and Dinges Tech.
  • Product: any product offered by Dinges Tech for Services, whether standalone or bundled with a value add-on product;
  • Provider: Dinges Tech’s partner last-mile fibre/lte provider either operating in your area or who you select in your Application. All hardware provided by any Provider will remain the property of the Provider into perpetuity.
  • Service: the specific service(s) provided by Dinges Tech to you and as may be further described in the relevant Service Order.
  • Service Order: an Application and your order for a specific Service to be provided to you by Dinges Tech, as read with clause 1.11.
  • Service Equipment: the hardware, software, systems, cabling and facilities provided by Dinges Tech at your Site in order to make the Service available to you. Dinges Tech remains the owner of Service Equipment. Service Equipment does not include the Network or any hardware or software that is the subject of a separate supply contract between you and the Provider.
  • Uncapped: meaning as set out in the ISPA guideline on broadband terminology published at http://ispa.org.za/code-of-conduct/terminology-guidelines/.
  • Unshaped: Dinges Tech does not prioritise or differentiate between different classes of traffic or protocols. you / your refers to you, our valued customer, whose details are as supplied to us in your Service Order.
  • Interpretation: Unless the context otherwise requires, a reference to: Singular may refer to plural, and vice versa, as the case may be; A person includes a reference to a natural or juristic person, as the case may be, including a reference to that person’s legal representatives, successors and permitted assigns; A document is a reference to that document as supplemented or varied from time to time. To the extent that goods or services provided in terms of the Agreement are governed by the Consumer Protection Act, then the provision of same is qualified to comply therewith.
  • Calendar Month: means the period beginning on and including the first of each calendar month and ending on and including the last day of such calendar month.
  • Month to Month: The agreement will automatically renew on a monthly basis and such agreement may then be cancelled by providing Dinges Tech with a Cancellation Request via the customer portal with a calendar month notice prior to the date of the service you wish to cancel.
  • Proof of Address (Domicile) the physical address you provide in terms of a proof of address, not older than three (3) months and must be in the form of a lease agreement/rental contract/utility bill or proof of purchase, where you will receive any legal notice.
  • Proof of ID: Acceptable proof of Identification is SA Green ID Book, SA ID Card or a Passport. Refugee document, Driver’s License and Asylum Seeker Documentation is not acceptable.
  • Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that allows computers and other devices to communicate over a wireless signal and Wi-Fi uses radio frequencies which has limitations when there are electrical and physical interferences
  • VOIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that enables voice communication and multimedia sessions over the internet or other IP networks. It converts voice and audio signals into digital data packets, which can be transmitted over the internet and reconverted into sound at the other end. VOIP is commonly used for making voice and video calls over the internet, often as a cost-effective alternative to traditional telephone services.
  • Go to the Dinges Tech website and register by entering your personal details, then search for coverage in your area should your service include internet connectivity. Should fibre/lte coverage be available, you may then complete an Application for Service by entering your details and selecting the Provider and your selected Product. You will be advised after our receipt of an application if Service/s can be provided.
  • The Dinges Tech Form will generate a Service Order clearly defining all once-off fees and recurring monthly charges, as applicable. When you complete the Authority and Mandate, you accept the terms of the Service Order.
  • By law, you are required to upload your proof of residence as well as a copy of your ID. The Application will go to Dinges Tech’s service team, who will review your completed Application. Once accepted by Dinges Tech, the Agreement is complete, and you will thereafter receive an e-mail containing your copy of the Service Order and Debit Order Authority Mandate.
  • Dinges Tech’s service team will inform you of the progress of your Service Order. When applying to move services, transfer service, upgrade services, downgrade services, package changes or termination of services, applicable charges will apply as determined by the applicable Service Provider and Dinges Tech respectively.
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